Congratulations to Classical harp Academy on their 10th anniversary!! Here are a few comments from satisfied customers:

Lucile Brais Hildesheim - Professional harpist and teachert

After spending years ordering harp supplies and music by mail, sight unseen, it is truly lovely to have a wonderful harp dealer right here in Ottawa. Mei Lan is passionate about all things harps! Her shop is well stocked; she is knowledgable and very helpful. I have sent many students to her and all have been matched with the perfect instrument.


Ian Hepburn - Harpist / Vibroacoustic Harp Therapist

It gives me HUGE pleasure to thank and congratulate you for your 10 years of service to the harp community. Your enthusiasm and energy is a marvel! Of course, you know i think of you as my Harp Temptress. Your himalayan enthusiasm and energy is matched only by your oceanic generosity - from which i have benefitted so many times...- in fact, every time i visit your chateau-upon-Friel. I also have you to thank you for pointing me to a conference in Utah which led to my encounter with Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy and openned a new chapter of my life.

Unending thanks, dear friend ... and congratulations on your new venture in Aurora

Caroline Léonardelli - Juno Harp Nominee 2010 / Teacher / Harpist

Congratulations Mrs Sim! I have to say your shop is "blooming" and I am very happy for you! I have total trust in your business as well as your kindness and also your dedication to the harp world!

Sharon Baird - Librarian / Village Voices Women's Choir

Congratulations to the Classical Harp Academy on a successful ten years. In addition to the harp arena, your guidance with lighting was beneficial to our community choir. Our pianist and our choir director find their Lotus Lights to be an effective solution for their lighting needs, and we appreciate your assistance with equipping us with those.

Wishing you all the best and continued success with your new growth!

Joanne Griffin - Music Teacher / Harpist

Classical Harp Academy, established in Ottawa and now expanded into Toronto, has established a broad client base over 10 years in business. Customers happily return to CHA to upgrade their instruments and/or to check out the wide selection of books and accessories.

CHA keeps abreast of developments in the harp world. In particular, CHA is supportive of Harp Therapy, a tradition steeped in history but now verified, through science and technology, as a legitimate healing modality.

As a teacher, therapeutic harpist, and freelance musician, I am very pleased to be associated with CHA. Mrs. Sim's passion for ensuring customer satisfaction and her honourable business practices will keep her clientele returning for years to come.

Best wishes for continued success!!

Heather Flinn - Music Educator / Harpist

Classical Harp Academy is now celebrating its 10th year in the harp business. Congratulations Mrs. Sim. Harpists in Ontario can't be luckier than to have this wonderful resource. I was one of the first customers when "doors opened" ten years ago and since that time Classical Harp Academy has provided superb customer service, up to date information, the best instruments, strings and accessories and of course a large inventory of harp music and method books.

A great thing about Classical Harp Academy is that it is "interactive". You can go and play the harps, look for the size, style and sound that suits you best and go home happy that you have made an informed choice. Mrs. Sim will do everything she can to make your purchase of a harp an adventure that is successful - not stressful.

Mrs. Sim is passionate about the world of harp playing and this is reflected in her joyful spirit and superb relations with her clients. She knows what she is talking about not only because she plays the harp, but also because she routinely seeks feedback from her teaching and performing clients and the latest product information from her suppliers.

Thanks and congratulations to Mrs. Sim and Classical Harp Academy!

Pat Marshall - Harpist

While The Classical Harp Academy is celebrating its tenth anniversary, I am celebrating the seventh anniversary of discovering such an incredible resource for harpists. From harps to strings to tuners; from music to stands to benches, all available at TCHA. However, the number one resource is the founder, Mrs Mei-Lan Sim, herself , who has guided, counselled and supported so many harpists not only in Ottawa but all across Canada. Brava and thank-you from all of us whose lives you've touched.

Susan Hyde - Harpist

CONGRATULATIONS Mei-Lan as you celebrate your 10TH anniversary of the Academy.

As your FIRST client, I must say, it has been a real pleasure doing business with you over the past decade. I always appreciate your personal attention and genuine honesty. The quality of your service is second to none.

You can be assured of my continued patronage as you move forward with CHA.


Hilary Williamson - Harpist

When I started harp lessons in spring 2011, my teacher suggested that I begin by renting from Mrs. Sim, a force of nature in the Ottawa harp world. I soon found myself not only with a rental harp but a free lesson and parting admonitions to remember ABE!

Naturally, when I decided to buy a couple of months later, I returned to consult this dynamo again, and was presented with a range of harps to try - and opinions on each of them. I purchased a 34 string Salvi Donegal, and, later in the year, added an even more portable 26 string Dusty Strings Allegro to my growing collection. I love the Donegal's shape, light weight (23 lbs), clear tone, and ease of playing, and find the Allegro has a wonderful sound for a small harp.

I have been very happy with both my harps and love dealing with Mrs Sim, whose passion for the instrument is infectious. She has also always been very prompt to answer panicky calls for new strings when they've broken, and has supplied music stands, tuners, Lotus light and music books as needed. She's a pleasure to deal with!

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